Error: AsBuilt not contain firmware information! (?)

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Error: AsBuilt not contain firmware information! (?)

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I've been using UCDS for a while with Mondeo's (MK5) and Focus's (MK3.5).

Successful so far!

Due to current events, I'm on the hunt for a MK3 ST (vFl '11 -'14) as a daily replacement for an EU-Nissan :o :lol: . (P11-144/half renault)

Since there are Vin's in the offers from time to time, I thought a quick review by UCDS / ETIS would be nice.
But even if a Vin is correct (< I think because Sync 1 Direct Config shows active options) the Update Wizard only outputs the error mentioned above.

Is this normal with vFl's and "Load from ETIS"? (No access to the real car at the moment, cause, as I said, only Vin's from offers)

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Re: Error: AsBuilt not contain firmware information! (?)

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When started with remote start, the engine runs for 3-5 seconds and goes off.
If I start again with remote start it will start for 5 seconds but will not start and it will set P008A Low Pressure Fuel System Pressure - Too Low. with free guilds and quests