U0140-00 errors after reading AsBuild from BCM

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U0140-00 errors after reading AsBuild from BCM

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First time posting to the forum so excuse me if the topic is already covered. Tried searching here and in the wiki but do not found an answer.

The car is Ford Kuga 1.5T Manual gearbox MY19? The car was built November 2018, but when updating SYNC the ford site indicated MY19 after entering the VIN...

So, first I've red the DTCs and there were no errors logged. Then I've initiated reading AsBuild from BCM - the reed was successfully completed(there was something regarding BCM bootloader). Reading reading DCT errors after that there were U0140-00 errors logged.

I'd thought that the reading operations are safe. but maybe the reading of AsBuilt from BCM is a special one?

My question is is this is expected and I should clear the error codes?
Module Name: ABS
Network: HS-CAN Protocol: GGDS

DTC Error read
DTC Errors: 1
U0140: Lost Communication With Body Control Module

Failure Type 0x00:
No Additional Failure Type Information for this (DTC)

Status 0x28:
Warning lamp OFF (MIL)
Fault is currently present
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Re: U0140-00 errors after reading AsBuild from BCM

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you must delete all DTC after reading from BCM