Mondeo mk5 FCIM after wizard update wrong part number

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I did update FCIM module by update wizard and after update FCIM have wrong part number other than before.
There is no DCT's but I've got SONY radio with sync2 and sound button stop working and i can't open my trunk, electric liftgate doesn't react on any button (on liftgate, on key, in cabin) just hazard lights flashes 2 times.

Is it possible to get back to oryginal part number and firmware?
How to do that?

Here are some information about update:

Update wizzad update FCIM from HS7T-14G121-ZA to HS7T-14G121-EA and after that update FCIM Part Number changed from GS7T-18E245-BCC to HS7T-18E245-P????...

I've tried to did update with new HS7T-14G121-EA by VBF loader but it does nothing update ended successfully but nothing happens.
Update with HS-CAN and HS2, with can sleep mode, even with died module programming where I put GS7T-18E245-BCC part number.
When I update with old HS7T-14G121-ZA Part number is still HS7T-18E245-P????... but current version change to this old one HS7T-14G121-ZA so update goes ok but sound button and liftgate still don't work.

SBL I used DS7T-14G123-AA.

After update pool Modules:

Module Name: FCIMNetwork: MS1 Protocol: GGDS
F10AECU Cal-Config Part NumberHS7T-14G126-EA
F110On-line Diagnostic Database Reference NumberDS-HS7T-18E245-AA
F111ECU Core Assembly NumberHS7T-14G127-P???????????
F113ECU Delivery Assembly NumberHS7T-18E245-P???????????
F124ECU Calibration Data #1 NumberHS7T-14G126-EA
F162Software Download Specification Version0x05
F163Diagnostic Specification Version0x03
F188Vehicle Manufacturer ECU Software NumberHS7T-14G121-EA
F18CECU Serial Number0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF0xFF

I din't do pool Modules before update.

Please help me!!
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Just load your original software with the latest UCDS version: enter Update Wizard, select "Load from ETIS" and rewrite your original software.
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It was my first action but without any luck.

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