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Сообщение rob180 » 12 фев 2020, 19:02

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Hi All,

Mondeo (2017)

My IPC is

<d DID="F111" Desc="ECU Core Assembly Number" Data="DS7T-14F094-AJA"/>
<d DID="F113" Desc="ECU Delivery Assembly Number" Data="GS7T-10849-BMD"/>
<d DID="F124" Desc="ECU Calibration Data #1 Number" Data="GS7T-14C088-AJD"/>
<d DID="F162" Desc="Software Download Specification Version" Data="NRC: Request Out Of Range [0x31]"/>
<d DID="F163" Desc="Diagnostic Specification Version" Data="0x03"/>
<d DID="F188" Desc="Vehicle Manufacturer ECU Software Number" Data="GS7T-14C026-AJD"/>

I have managed to update to GS7T-14C088-AJE all ok.

If I try to flash the IPC with
For 2018 Fusion:
- Firmware Build Date: October 30, 2017

Everything works apart from the hand brake light, its shows BRAKE instead of (!). I have checked with my friend who has a newer (2018) mondo and he has the same files mentioned above (JS7T) and his hand break light is showing as (!). Do you know if there is a different version to download for UK/EU cars?

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Сообщение silverstreak2006 » 12 фев 2020, 23:37

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